The MarX™ System
Verifying Surface Cleanliness
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The MarX™ System

Reward-focused surface cleanliness auditing.

The MarX System is reward-focused surface cleanliness auditing. It is an easy-to-execute visual method of motivating behavior change through measurement. MarX is straightforward and pragmatic help to raise surface cleanliness standards in away-from-home environments. MarX guards wellness for all facility users.

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MarX™ System

Inexpensive auditing -
$0.0015 per surface check.

The MarX™ System consists of the stamp, UV light and tracking sheet PDF. A mobile/tablet app for tracking results is under development.


MarX™ Stamp

MarX™ is a micro-porous micro-reticulated plastic. Its uv-sensitive "ink" is invisible without the uv light source and flows to the surface of the X. 10,000 impressions can be expected from each stamp.


MarX™ UV Light

The power of this beam allows the X to be seen in most ambient lighting conditions short of direct sunlight. Durability makes this the ideal light source for the rough and tumble world of environmental cleanliness.



Infocus Learning Systems’ staff is proud to offer The MarX™ System - a cost-effective and easy to use system to train, motivate and monitor surface cleanliness in your establishment. MarX™ is the result of extensive research and testing in the Food, Healthcare and Educational sectors.

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